Picture Books

Picture Books are in production and will be coming soon in 2017.


Our picture books, designed for children ages four through eight, are full of loveable characters, colorful illustrations, and engaging storylines.

Each book includes an enrichment page to extend the learning.  The enrichment activities are versatile and can be used at home, at school, for one child, or an entire group.

Every book centers around a particular behavior and integrates with the goal planning sheets, weekly worksheets, behavioral charts, Gold Star Reward Stickers, Flashcards, and other How To Be Good For Santa products.



Apollo’s Apology 

Apollo’s Apology focuses on how to put aside your own needs and ego and apologize when you’ve made a mistake. It also shows how to properly receive an apology.

Junior and the Bully

Junior and the Bully focuses on ways to identify if friends are being bullied, what actions to take, what to do, and what not to do.

We are crowdsourcing to decide which additional books to create.  Click here to enter by sending us a behavior and storyline. There is no charge for entering the contest. Everyone can be a winner by having their story professionally illustrated in a cartoon for $45 by “The Peanut Gallery”.

Picture books are available in print and via ebooks.