Gold Star Reward Stickers

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s Gold Star Reward Stickers are designed to resonate with the children while educating on specific behaviors.


The stickers provide a wonderful incentive for children to accomplish their proper social behavior goals. They are fun to collect and meant to be earned.

Our stickers works in conjunction with the goal planning worksheets, weekly worksheets, and monthly behavior tracking chart as “benchmarks for success.”

These positive reinforcement incentives provide consistent messaging by sharing the same characters and behaviors found across all of our How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. products.

They help to provide children with a fun experience while learning individual behaviors.

The stickers (and other products) make it easy for multiple guardians to work in unison, providing universal positive reinforcement behavioral guidance.  A consistent approach is helpful to children, parents, and other guardians as it relieves much of the burden off the guardian and ingrains the goals (and steps to achieve the goals) in the child’s mind. It’s as simple as handing the custom stickers to the other guardians and letting them know the focus behavior.

We currently have 70+ characters from which to select.  A full set of all stickers can be purchased, or you may purchase individual stickers in quantities of 12, 24, or 30.


There are green, blue, and orange stickers.

Green stickers coach straight forward good manners and proper etiquette behaviors:

  • Albert the Anteater for “Inviting Children Left Out To Play”
  • Apollo the Ape for “Apologizing”
  • Askar the Armadillo for “Asking Permission”
  • Bradley the Beaver for “Brushing Teeth”
  • Brother Bobcat for “Playing Nice” with your brother and sister
  • Cara the Caribou for “Complementing People”
  • Card Carol The Camel for “Writing Thank You Cards”
  • Danger Ranger the Disaster Avoiding Dog for “Emergency Situations”
  • Eli the Emperor Penguin for saying “excuse me”
  • Freya the Fox for being “Friendly”
  • Georgy the Gerbil for “Greeting People Nicely”
  • Gigi the Giraffe for “Using Good Grammar”
  • Hannah the Hawk for “Eating Healthy”
  • Harry the Hare for good “Hair Care”/grooming
  • Helper the Hedgehog for “Helping Others”
  • Homer the Hamster for “Doing Your Homework”
  • Kara the Koala for “Being Kind”
  • Learner the Lemur for being a “Good Listener”
  • Martha the Mongoose for “Making Your Bed”
  • Moysei the Mouse for “Being Quiet During the Movies”
  • Owen The Owl for “Good Eye Contact”
  • Patricia the Platypus for saying “Please”
  • Pearl the Peacock for “Having Good Manners with Pets”
  • Peter the Panda for “Picking Up and Putting Away Your Toys”
  • Polly the Parrot for “Being Polite”
  • Quincy the Quail for “Being Quiet When Appropriate”
  • Rocco the Raccoon for “Recycling”
  • Sara the Seal for “Playing Nice” with your sister and brother
  • Spartacus the Golden Eagle for “Being a Good Sport”
  • Thelma the Turkey for saying “Thank You”
  • Waldo the Wolf for “Washing Before Meals and Bedtime”

We also provided a few generic green reward stickers for:

  • Listened to Mom
  • Listened To Dad
  • Extra Good (for behaviors not covered)

Blue stickers educate on “Good Reaction To” bad behaviors.

We did not want to teach children bad behaviors so we are teaching them how to react good even when others act badly.

We provide exact wording and actions to use, and reinforce the message that just because other people act badly is not a reason to act naughty in return.

We indirectly teach not to do the bad behaviors.

  • Archibald the Alligator for “Good Reaction To Arguing”
  • Birtha the Badger for “Good Reaction To Badmouthing Others”
  • Boris the Boar for “Good Reaction To Bragging”
  • Chet the Cheetah for “Good Reaction To Cheating”
  • Conrad the Chimpanzee for “Good Reaction To Complaining
  • Critta the Crow for “Good Reaction To Criticizing”
  • Destro the Dragon for “Good Reaction To Destroying Property”
  • Earl the Elephant for “Good Reaction To Eavesdropping”
  • Ingrid the Ibis for “Good Reaction To Interrupting”
  • Lightning Bug for “Good Reaction To Lights Being Left On”
  • Litka the Lizard for “Good Reaction To Littering”
  • Lucifer the Lion for “Good Reaction To Being Too Loud”
  • Lyza the Lemming for “Good Reaction To Lying”
  • Rudy the Rhinoceros for being “Good Reaction To Rude”
  • Sheala the Shellfish for “Good Reaction To Being Selfish”
  • Sigi the Squirrel for “Good Reaction To Stealing”
  • Stimpy the Skunk for “Good Reaction To Being Unclean”
  • Tito the Tiger for “Good Reaction To Teasing”
  • Winnie the Warthog for “Good Reaction To Whining”
  • Yelena the Yak for “Good Reaction To Yelling”

Orange stickers teach what to say and do if you see or experience violent bad behavior.

Three core messages are:

  1. Always protect yourself
  2. Leave the area quickly and safely
  3. Tell a “Trusted” adult.
  • Brutus the Bull for “Good Reaction To Bullying”
  • Fletcher the Ferret for “Good Reaction To Fighting”
  • Hildred the Hyena for “Good Reaction To Hitting”
  • Kilpatra the Kangaroo for “Good Reaction To Kicking”
  • Piagi the Pig for “Good Reaction To Pushing”
  • Pluto the Polar Bear for “Good Reaction To Playing Too Rough”

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. has created the above characters and materials around these behaviors – our long-term goal to ensure our customers receive the best positive reinforcement materials in the market is to provide ongoing crowdsourcing to continually evolve the behaviors materials based on consumer wants/demand.  Per our sponsoring crowdsourcing contests that are free to enter, both children and adults are eligible for entry, and valuable prizes will be awarded for ideas used in How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. products!